Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Update on the New Lessons

Good news!

Chris Moses and I have been making new lessons everyday. I'm currently in North Carolina, visiting him.

We now have 12 new lesson sets! By the end of the week, we should have 20 new sets. Then we will put them on the internet-- and you can buy them.

Wow, its taken a long time to get these finished.

This lesson album will be called "Flow English Lessons". "Flow" is a word that describes the movement of water. Of course, water moves easily and effortlessly. We want you to speak easily and effortlessly.

These lessons focus on the most common idioms and vocabulary. We want you to get a lot more repetition so you learn very deeply.

The Mini-Stories have been very fun to record. The Mini-Stories in "Flow English" are funnier (and easier) than the Mini-Stories in the "Effortless English Club" album. I hope you enjoy them. I have enjoyed making them.

I will make an official announcement very soon.

First I will send an email to my email newsletter subscribers-- and of course they will get a big discount on the new Flow English lessons.

Next, I'll send an email to my full email list-- all the people who have done my 7 Rules email course. They will also get a discount (though not as big as my newsletter subscribers ;)

Then I'll announce the new Flow English Lessons here-- on my blog & podcast. You'll get a discount too!

And finally, we will start advertising the lessons at the normal price. The full price will be around $97.

And now... I have to return to the office and record some more lessons!

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Kyunglim said...
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Kyunglim said...

How can I sign up for email newsletter subscriber?
I've visited your blog eveyday since I bought "effortless english album". I really expect your new album. But only big discount for newsletter subscriber is unfair.
I also need "big" discount.
Please let me join the big discout group. :)

AJ Hoge said...

No worries!

Subscribe to my email newsletter at:


Enjoy :)

Sri Agustiani Monoarfa said...

Yeah, that's right unfair AJ! i want to get big discount too! ( he he.. actually i just about want joint the lesson AJ BUT wait... i need finish your 7 emails free course ).

Love, Sri.

Timur said...

Hi, are the new lessons part II of your effortless english lessons or insead of first?


Timur, from Turkiye