Thursday, January 3, 2008

Kick Ass With English!

I want you to kick ass with English!

"Kick ass" is a very common slang phrase, and one of my favorites. It has two meanings, depending on the situation.

In this situation, it means to succeed or to do a fantastic job. For example, if you do very well on a test, you can say, "I kicked ass on that test".

So, to "kick ass" with English means you do very well with English-- you have a big success with English.

"Kick ass" can also mean to beat or defeat someone. For this meaning, we usually add an object. For example, if Arsenal beats Manchester United, we can say "Arsenal kicked ManU's ass".

If I play a video game with my friend and I win, I might laugh and say, "I just kicked your ass"! This means that I just defeated him.

So, this year, I want you to "kick ass" with English!

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1 comment:

Sri Agustiani Monoarfa said...

I will kick as my English this year AJ! I will! I promise to my self and I promise to YOU as great teacher i have known!

Love, Sri