Sunday, January 6, 2008

Success Stories

"I would like to say you're fanstastic. Just through a few lessons I feel more confident in speaking English. Two weeks ago we had a party celebrating Christmas Eve, and I met two Canadians and I said hello to them. You know they turned around and asked me : "Where did you learn to speak English?"

I think that my pronunciation was the same as theirs so they were surprised. And one more thing, I watched TV on an Australia network and can you imagine that I was able to understand what they said-- almost all of the news about an ancient culture... and recent news about the new coach for England's football team (Capello). I am so happy and am enjoying my natural improvement. Thank you so much. God bless you."

--Ha Nguyen

I love success stories! Every week, we get emails from excited English learners. I really appreciate these emails.

To be honest, they make me very happy-- and they motivate me to keep improving. When you send me an email like this, I feel very happy. It feels good knowing that so many people are using our English conversation lessons to speak excellent English! Its great! Congratulations to all of you!

This is why I started my own English teaching company. I wanted to help enthusiastic students. I wanted to make and sell my own lessons. I wanted to encourage students to enjoy English, to improve quickly, and to feel happy.

Because Im very busy now, I sometimes don't realize how much we are helping. Your emails help me to remember. Your happy emails energize and excite me... and make me want to help more students.

In the future, I will include more member emails on this blog. I try to put member comments on the Effortless English Homepage, but we get too many emails to include them all. So I'll start adding them here.

If you have an English success story, email me! Tell me what you did and how you improved. If your email is great-- I'll include it here on my blog. If you send a picture of yourself, I'll also include your picture :)

Thanks for all your great emails.

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