Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Lessons Finished!

The new lessons are finished! Chris and I worked together for many long hours to get them finished before the end of this month.

The new lessons are called "Flow English Lessons". Flow, of course, describes the movement of water. And water, of course, moves easily and effortlessly. We want you to speak English easily and effortlessly.

The new Flow English lessons focus on the most common idioms, vocabulary, and grammar in English. You learn these very deeply. In some ways, they are easier than the Effortless English Club Lessons. However, I recommend the New Flow English Lessons for everyone who needs to speak faster, better, and automatically.

Another great thing about the new lessons-- they are good for adults and older children. I think the lessons would be fantastic for High School or even Middle School students. Of course all of our lessons are made for adults, but these lessons have a lot of funny and strange stories which would also be entertaining to HS & MS students.

A couple of days ago, I announced the new lessons to my email Newsletter subscribers. They got a very big discount-- but only for one day. It was amazing! So many people got the lessons in just 24 hours.

Today, we are sending an announcement to all subscribers to my 7 Rules Email course. If you subscribed to that course, you get the new lessons at a discount also. After three days, we'll raise the price again... so check your email soon!

Next week, I will officially announce the new lessons here-- on my podcast and blog. I'll include a link to the Flow English page, so you can get the new lessons immediately.

We're very excited about the new lessons. They fit perfectly with The Effortless English Club Lessons.

In a month or two, we hope to have our next album ready-- the album everyone has been asking about -- the Movie Lessons!

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Rookie said...

Hi AJ,

Some questions:
what are the benefits if I join to Effortles English Club in terms of learning material ?
Will I have to buy your all lessons sets including the last one ?
Will I have a discount for your new lessons set ?

Thanks in advance,


phiha said...

That's wonderful. I recommened your new lessons for my friends and I hope they can get benefit with your course as me. Cheers.
See you soon.

Sri Agustiani Monoarfa said...


You are a great teacher! even i live in Ireland i still need practicing my English, Thanks for all the lessons. I was laughing all the time every time listening your story, you're such a comedian.

keep making a new lesson, i'm sure The Effortless English will even become bigger. We love your lessons so much and we all love you, CHrish and all the staffs of the Effortless English too!


AJ Hoge said...


Chilly-- we have two "albums" of lessons, which you buy separately:
1. The Effortless English Club Lessons
2. New Flow English Lessons.

Phiha & Sri-- Thanks :) I'm glad you like the new lessons!

PS: Sri-- you asked about me being vegetarian-- maybe I'll do a podcast about it sometime. The short version--

I was influenced by Gandhi, Buddha, and Thoreau...

...because I don't want to kill or hurt animals (or people ;)

Forex said...

Hi AJ,

You mentioned in your blog as below:

Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Exciting Things

As you know, my Effortless English Club lessons include two sample movie lessons. In these lessons, you have the text from a real Hollywood movie. For each scene, there is also a Vocabulary lesson-- I explain difficult phrases, especially idioms and slang. Then there is a Listen & Answer Mini-Story lesson (or more than one). This is the most powerful lesson. In the Mini-Story, we ask a lot of questions while telling a story. You answer the questions. As you hear the questions and answer them, you effortlessly learn vocabulary and grammar.... and you learn them deeply.

MAy i know where can i find the sample movie lesson you mentioned.
I have bought the effortless english lesson, but couldn't find the movie lesson. I am very interested in them. Please advice. Many thanks.

AJ Hoge said...


The sample movie lessons are the "4. Hitch Lessons"... they are the last ones on the download list :)

Forex said...

Hi Aj,

Do you mean hitch intro?

The one that start off with No woman wakes up saying: "God......

I have hitch intro commentary, MS, POV and VOCAB.

Am i on the right track?

AJ Hoge said...

You've got it! That's right-- Hitch Intro is the first sample movie lesson.

In fact, I recommend buying (or renting) the movie "Hitch"-- its a great movie for learning conversational English.

Forex said...

Thanks AJ,

Your lessons are fun. I enjoy learning everyday.

phiha said...

I was listening to the lesson Evil English Teacher and I would say it's so funny and very good start for practicing simple past. You made a lot of kinds of questions for us saying in simple past. Yes, you're all right. We rarely use the simple past correctly. We only use simple present instead of simple past. I think because we didn't have a lot of chances practicing saying simple past in real conversation. So, your method Question and Answer is the good way for us to practice. As well as, you're not evil English teacher, you're a great teacher. Just think about saying in nearly one hour ... God bless you. Please take it easy and have a good health, especially your voice!

By the way, I introduced your website for my friends in Vietnam and I think you are going to have new students because I talked to them your method is very wonderful and I got a lot of advantage from you.

Bye bye


Sri Agustiani Monoarfa said...


That's so sweet the reason you want to be a vegetarian.

AJ Hoge said...

Yes, I agree-- students don't get enough practice with the simple past. Yet is is super-common (we use it constantly) and it also has a lot of irregular verbs.

Phiha & Forex: Most students "know" the past well enough to take a test, but they don't know it deeply, which is why even advanced students make so many mistakes with it.

That's why Chris and I decided to focus a lot on the simple past in the new Flow English lessons. I'm glad you like it :)

Sri-- thanks ;)