Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Lessons at a Discount


This is it-- finally!

The new Flow English Lessons are now available to my podcast listeners and my blog readers.

Because you are part of my loyal audience, you get the new Flow English lessons at a discount-- for only $77. The normal price is $97.

This discount price is available until February 2nd. On that day, we will raise the price to $97. So if you want the new Flow English lessons, get them now :)

To get the new Flow English lessons, go to:

Enjoy them!

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phiha said...

Please don't hesitate buying these new lessons. It's so great! I've only just been listening to the first lesson but I am more confident in speaking English using the past tense.

I bought the Effortless Lessons about 4 months ago, and now I also love the Flow English. It's very easy, (you don't need to pay attention too much at vocabularies as in Effortless lessons) but you can speak English very quickly and flowly.

One more thing, two days ago, at lunch time, I ate with our new consultant,Nr Robbin, who just came to our school from New Zealand. After only just two greetings with him, he asked me: 'Where did you learn speaking English?' I felt very happy and interesting. If you read the blog 'Success Story' you will know why I felt that. I asked why he questioned me where I learnt speaking English. He replied that I talked English not the way taught in textbooks. I was very thrilled. Yes, Mr AJ didn't teach us with textbooks, he taught us by speaking in real conversations.

And I also talked to him about the course and he said that my accent was likely the Americans.

So, hurry up, don't lose the chance of getting this effective English course.

See you soon on this forum.

Kyunglim said...

Hi! Phiha,
I also bought the Effortless English Lessons about 4 months ago. And I'm listening to "Baseball Pig" in Flow English.

But I had no chance to talk to any naitve speakers of English yet.
Can I succeed in English like you?

Congratulations on your success!


phiha said...

Dear Liza,

Thank you for your compliment. In fact, I use English everyday, because I am a teacher assistant in an international school.

I think Mr AJ will give you some advice how using his course effectively, especially when you don't have any chance to talk with native speakes.

In my opinion, you need to listen to his lessons everyday, one lesson per week or two weeks or more. That's true. And in your situtation, you can increase the time of listening about 3-4 hours per day, instead of 2 hours per day as Mr AJ suggested. When you listen you imagine that you are talking with a native speakers (yes, it's real. Mr AJ is a real native speaker, and his voice is so great.)and try to answer every questions in the lessons, even it's very easy and sometimes ridiculous.

Hoping you enjoy in learning to speak English.



Sri Agustiani Monoarfa said...

Hi guys,

Phihha is right! Don't hesitate to join the club and buy the lessons! The teacher and the lessons are...ohhhhh...BRILLIANT!! That's true guys!!

YOU'LL BE SORRY TO YOUR SELF if you just spending your time to studying ENglish grammar!!

Chat you later.

AJ Hoge said...

Thanks for the nice comments :) You all inspire and motivate me-- Thank You!

Note-- Sorry about the delay posting the text for "Conversation with Chris, Part 2". The audio is already posted on my podcast.. but I'm waiting for the transcription company to send me the text. As soon as I get it, I will post it here on the blog.

Once that is finished, I'm gonna record some conversations with my sister, Mom, Dad, and friends (Kristin and Chris most of all :)

Hope you enjoy the spontaneous (no plan, no script, no reading) conversations. In fact, I won't tell my family members that I am recording them... to ensure they speak totally naturally (I'll tell them afterwards ;)

PS: Sri, are you a vegetarian too?

Sri Agustiani Monoarfa said...

Your idea is brilliant, we'll wait for it!

I'm not a vegetarian but i'm a consultant for a vegetarian :) ( kidding AJ ).

So many irish people ask me 'are you vegetarian?' or 'are you on a diet? '. This is because they see the way i eat food everyday mostly vegetables and less meat. i just laugh everytime they ask me like that.

And you know what is so ridiculous? one of them, she always follows what i eat! they think that the reason that my hair is black and shiny, my skin is brown, and that i'm petite, it's from what i eat!

Oh my Goodness! I even laugh when i remember it, that's so ridiculous, isn't it? And she says to me that she feels healthier after she follows what i eat! Can you believe that?!