Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Learn English Tip

Learn English Conversation using a very simple formula called the Mastery Formula. Really, the mastery formula is a system-- a way of learning anything thoroughly and completely.

The learn English mastery formula is described completely on the Effortless English main page- in a blog post titled "learn English mastery formula".

Here I will discuss just the first step in the mastery formula: get an outstanding teacher.

This seems obvious but in fact most students fail to do this first step. They key word here is "outstanding". You need an "outstanding" teacher-- not an average one, not a "good" one, not a "qualified" one. To truly master English, you need to find a completely remarkable teacher, mentor, role model, or coach.

So how do you choose a teacher? What is important and what is not important?

First, degrees and education are NOT important. A TEFL certificate or a Masters degree or a Phd. mean absolutely nothing when it comes to teaching ability. Sadly, most schools fool students with this nonsense. Schools absolutely love to talk about certificates and degrees-- because that is their game and their industry.

However, the truth is that the more "educated" a teacher is, the more likely they are to be a bad teacher. A Phd. doesn't guarantee that a teacher will be horrible,.. but it increases the odds.

So what is important? The most important thing to look for in a teacher is leadership ability. In other words, a great teacher will have a vision and they will inspire you. Do you get excited when you talk to the teacher? Do they make you excited about learning English? Do they make you want to try harder, study more, and succeed faster? If they don't, it means they have poor leadership skills and you don't want them.

Next, look for a teacher who also has a clear and powerful teaching system-- not just a collection of textbooks and exercises. Most teachers, sadly, rely on textbooks and have no real system at all. If a teacher is focused on textbooks, it's a bad sign and you should look for another teacher. Furthermore, the teacher should explain their system to you clearly-- and they should be able to discuss some basic research that supports their system.

Next, watch a class. Is the class highly energetic? Is it interesting? Do the students seem super-enthusiastic and alert? If yes, that's a good sign. On the other hand, if the students seem bored, tired, or distracted it means the teacher lacks leadership skills-- find another teacher.

Finally, ask the teacher for testimonials and references. An outstanding teacher will be able to refer you to many students who have succeeded in their class. Great teachers have a lot of very enthusiastic and very successful past and present students. If the teacher does not have student references, or seems annoyed or surprised by your request-- find another teacher. When you talk to the references, ask them directly-- did their speaking improve as a result of the teacher's lessons? They should tell you "YES!" directly and powerfully.

Remember, you the student are the customer. You are the one spending money. You have a right to DEMAND incredible results. Don't waste your money on average or "good" schools. Don't waste your time with average or "good" teachers. Shop carefully, ask a lot of questions, observe,.. and then choose a truly outstanding teacher!

Good luck!

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