Sunday, August 9, 2009

Effortless English Torrents

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Speak English Fluently And Easily

Speak English fluently. You can do when you change the way you study English. Speak English like a native speaker, without translating, without thinking about grammar. You will speak English fluently in 6 months or less using the methods in my email course "7 Rules For Excellent English Speaking".

I'm A.J Hoge and I will teach you 7 rules for speaking Excellent English.

In my FREE email course you learn how to :

  • Learn Vocabulary Quickly And Remember It Forever

  • Speak English Fast By Thinking In English

  • Learn Grammar Like A Child, Not By Studying Grammar Rules

  • Learn 3-5 Times Faster Using New Learning Techniques

  • And More....

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Learn The 7 Rules For Excellent English

The Best System!

“Let me congratulate you. I have tried your method for a week and I feel this is the best English learning system I have found!”
--Laszlo Tolladi, Hungary

Speak English Fluently and Automatically

To speak English fluently, you must have speed. That is the main difference between written and spoken English. Spoken English is fast-- very fast. To be fluent, you must understand native speakers instantly. You don't have time to think or translate. To be fluent, you must speak automatically- no thinking about grammar rules, no translating, no pausing.

Fluent speech require confidence, speed, and effortless understanding.

In school, you learned written English. Now you are going to learn how to speak English fluently. Just join my free email course now and speak fluent English in 6 months or less.

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Fluent English Squidoo Page

We have a new Squidoo page called Speak English Fluently. It's a brief introduction to our 7 Rules email course and includes a couple of videos.

You can link to it at:


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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Speaking English Fast

I'm now making a series of videos about how to speak English fluently. Each video gives a new suggestion about how to study in order to speak fluent English.

Of course, the number one key to English fluency is speed. That's the main difficulty of spoken English-- it's fast. With reading and writing you can relax and go slowly. In school, you learned how to read and write. That's why you feel more comfortable reading English than listening to it and speaking it.

But if your goal is fluent speech, it's time to change how you study English. Watch my new video series to learn a new way to learn English-- and learn how to speak fluent English!

Enjoy and take care.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Effortless English Questions

Hi everyone.

I just want to clear some confusion. Sometimes our members/customers will leave a comment on the blog when they have a problem or question.

If you have bought our lessons and need any kind of help, please email us. For example, if you are having trouble downloading we need to know the details: what kind of computer do you have, what kind of connection, etc... This will help us solve your problem.

Also, this blog is an old one that we do not check often.

Our new, current blog is at:

See you there!

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Learn English Tip

Learn English Conversation using a very simple formula called the Mastery Formula. Really, the mastery formula is a system-- a way of learning anything thoroughly and completely.

The learn English mastery formula is described completely on the Effortless English main page- in a blog post titled "learn English mastery formula".

Here I will discuss just the first step in the mastery formula: get an outstanding teacher.

This seems obvious but in fact most students fail to do this first step. They key word here is "outstanding". You need an "outstanding" teacher-- not an average one, not a "good" one, not a "qualified" one. To truly master English, you need to find a completely remarkable teacher, mentor, role model, or coach.

So how do you choose a teacher? What is important and what is not important?

First, degrees and education are NOT important. A TEFL certificate or a Masters degree or a Phd. mean absolutely nothing when it comes to teaching ability. Sadly, most schools fool students with this nonsense. Schools absolutely love to talk about certificates and degrees-- because that is their game and their industry.

However, the truth is that the more "educated" a teacher is, the more likely they are to be a bad teacher. A Phd. doesn't guarantee that a teacher will be horrible,.. but it increases the odds.

So what is important? The most important thing to look for in a teacher is leadership ability. In other words, a great teacher will have a vision and they will inspire you. Do you get excited when you talk to the teacher? Do they make you excited about learning English? Do they make you want to try harder, study more, and succeed faster? If they don't, it means they have poor leadership skills and you don't want them.

Next, look for a teacher who also has a clear and powerful teaching system-- not just a collection of textbooks and exercises. Most teachers, sadly, rely on textbooks and have no real system at all. If a teacher is focused on textbooks, it's a bad sign and you should look for another teacher. Furthermore, the teacher should explain their system to you clearly-- and they should be able to discuss some basic research that supports their system.

Next, watch a class. Is the class highly energetic? Is it interesting? Do the students seem super-enthusiastic and alert? If yes, that's a good sign. On the other hand, if the students seem bored, tired, or distracted it means the teacher lacks leadership skills-- find another teacher.

Finally, ask the teacher for testimonials and references. An outstanding teacher will be able to refer you to many students who have succeeded in their class. Great teachers have a lot of very enthusiastic and very successful past and present students. If the teacher does not have student references, or seems annoyed or surprised by your request-- find another teacher. When you talk to the references, ask them directly-- did their speaking improve as a result of the teacher's lessons? They should tell you "YES!" directly and powerfully.

Remember, you the student are the customer. You are the one spending money. You have a right to DEMAND incredible results. Don't waste your money on average or "good" schools. Don't waste your time with average or "good" teachers. Shop carefully, ask a lot of questions, observe,.. and then choose a truly outstanding teacher!

Good luck!

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Effortless Business English

Hi everyone. I just wrote an article for Squidoo titled "Learn Effortless Business English".

It's a nice summary page about how to learn business English, and also has a short video from me talking about Effortless business English lessons.

One of the key points made in the article is that business English must come after general English. In other words, there's no point focusing on business English until your general speaking skills are excellent. Otherwise, you'll know a lot of business vocabulary, but you won't be able to use it.

So focus first on learning English conversation, and once you have mastered that, then turn your attention to business English-- if that is your goal.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

English Club

One of the most powerful ways to learn English is to join an English club. A club is an informal group of people who share a common purpose.

Because they are informal, English clubs are much more fun than school. You don't need to worry about tough teachers, or a lot of homework, or boring textbooks, or a rigid schedule. English clubs are a more fun and flexible way to meet other English learners.

I highly recommend the Effortless English Club because membership in the club is exclusive. Most international online English clubs are open to everyone. That means a lot of immature, negative, insulting people join the club. If you look on the forums of most clubs, you find a lot of insults and a lot of arguing.

What I love about the Effortless English Club is that everyone CANNOT join. The club is only open to people who first buy the Effortless English Club lessons. This means that only serious students, who are dedicated to improving their speaking, actually join the club.

Another great thing about the club is that the forums are monitored very closely. Any member who is insulting or negative towards other members is immediately and permanently removed from the club. The result is a club full of tremendous people-- super-energetic, super-friendly English learners who are very happy to answer your questions, talk to you (on Skype), and help you in any way they can.

I highly recommend getting the Effortless English lessons and joining this club. You will learn English much faster, and improve your speaking much faster, when you join the club.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Learn English With a Mac

I must say that I think Macs are vastly superior to Windows computers for use learning English. We always get a lot of computer questions from members about how to use audio files, how to open files, etc.

These computer questions are ALWAYS from Windows users. The reason-- on a Mac, all of these things happen easily and automatically. English mp3 lessons go straight to iTunes and are easy to organize and use. Text guides are easily opened with TextEdit or Adobe Acrobat. And all Macs have an automatic zip file opener.

Macs are intuitive and easy to use, so I always recommend Macs for students who learn English with a computer.

Of course, Windows is still the most common operating system, and all our lessons work very well with Windows. I do recommend, however, that all Windows users download Apple's iTunes (for free at ) for Windows-- it will make organizing your mp3s very easy!

Read more about learning English, and this topic: Learn English Mac

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Friday, January 30, 2009

How To Learn English

How should you learn English? What's the best way to learn English-- especially spoken English?

Most students have no idea. So, they continue to use the methods they learned in school. But those methods were failures. Most students, in most countries in the world, study English for at least 4 years.

After 4 years, they can take tests, but they cannot speak English easily and fluently. Obviously, there's a problem.

And luckily, there is a solution. But the solution requires very different methods of study.

Learn more about these methods now and learn How To Learn English.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Spoken English Seminar A Huge Success!

The first Spoken English Seminar in Bangkok, Thailand was a huge success. We rocked the Royal Hotel for 5 straight hours. The students were fantastic! They jumped. They yelled. They gave all their heart, energy, and passion to learning English!

This was our first "real" Effortless English Seminar. We'll be doing our next one at The Royal Hotel again, on March 29th, with registration starting at 10am and ending at 10:30am. The cost is 300 Baht.

The March 29th Seminar will be longer-- starting at 10:45am and finishing at 18:30pm. There will be a lunch break this time!

The seminar will focus specifically on how to learn spoken English quickly and easily. Participants will learn revolutionary new methods for studying spoken English in a way that accelerates their learning and multiplies their improvements.

While the Effortless English Lessons are excellent, there is nothing like the power and intensity of a live seminar.

If you live in SE Asia... come to Bangkok on March 29th and have the most powerful English learning experience you have ever had!

We hope to see you at the next Learn Spoken English Seminar!

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