Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Home For The Blog

OK... we finally have a new home for the blog & podcast-- on our main Effortless English Club website!

The new Blog address is:

New blog posts and new podcasts are on the right sidebar.

I add new ones almost every week :)


grazyna said...
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ahmed alotabi said...

i want to improve my english

Oya said...

Hi. how are you. thank you for the 7 rules ı lıke them and ı want to contınue wıth you.

Drongo said...

I like your lessons very much. They are helpful.
Friend of my doesn't know English at all. He can't read English. Could
you please make lessons for the beginners? I mean, from ABC...
Will be cool, if it will be for free ;)
Very many thanks.

fo0ds l0ver ... yummy ... said...

AJ,i am confusing on Effortless English and Flow English?? What is the diffrent between this two courses.Kindly advice.

blinking said...

I bought the Effortless lessons and Ive enjoied those since that time (a few months ago). However AJ probably does'nt know that because I paid by my son's card. If you have new and complementary products please let me know. Thanks a lot. Blinking