Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Spoken English

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Marisa Florenzano said...

Dear A.J.: I am Marisa de Olivos, from Argentina. I've been receiving your 7 days mails and others articles. All I have to say is THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Is very important to me to improve my English, specially spoken English. As others many cases,I've been studying a lot of years and still have problems to speak clearly and fast. Now I'm trying with your free lessons (as you may know things are quite difficult in my country so it is hard to me to be able to buy the course), but anyway I,m enjoying and I guess I,m really improving. So, what I have to say is, please, go on like this, go on with your lessons, the articles, the movies. You are lending a very important hand to a lot of people. Thank you again. Kisses. Marisa

smartbd said...

Dear A.J.,
I am Sadid from Bangladesh.I've been receiving emails and enjoying it.After only one week,I feel very relaxed to speak and write english without effort.

Wish you good luck.Hope to have a talk and reply from you time to time.