Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Why So Quiet On The Blog & Podcast?

Why have I been so quiet?

Why so few blog and podcast posts recently?

Well, I'm currently working to move the blog (again!!)-- this time to the EffortlessEnglishClub.com URL.

So I uploaded Wordpress and am trying to learn how to use it. Another system to learn-- ugh :(

But I think Wordpress will have advantages long term. Ill be able to do a lot more with the site... and be able to integrate the lesson pages, the blog posts, and the podcast.

Wordpress also makes it easy to create special "members-only" pages-- pages that require a password. So I may add more bonus material, such as bonus lessons, short videos, etc. for members-only.

Meanwhile, its a lot of work to learn the new system, and all the various plug-ins I need.

I'm also working to put many of our main web pages on Wordpress.

Hopefully, you'll like the result once I'm finished.

Oh.. and I haven't forgotten about the Transcript Contest.

I have started to read some of the entries-- a winner will be chosen soon :P

Really ;)

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shahram said...
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Parmjit said...

I feel, Effortless English is very useful method. I am going to follow AJ your 7 days e-mail English learning rules.
Thanks Aj

fo0ds l0ver ... yummy ... said...

AJ,i am confusing on Effortless English and Flow English?? What is the diffrent between this two courses.Kindly advice.