Friday, June 20, 2008

New mp3 English Squidoo Lens

Hi. I just created a Squidoo Lens for mp3 English speaking lessons.

What is a Squidoo lens?

Well, its a super-simple web page that's designed to summarize key information on a topic.

My Squidoo lens, for example, summarizes all the mp3 English speaking lessons that I recommend. I have links to all of our lessons, our email course, and other great sources for English listening mp3s.

By using all the mp3s that I recommend, you improve your English speaking very very fast.

Look at my Squidoo Lens, and link to it, at:

And then, why not create your own Squidoo lens. Make a list of YOUR favorite english speaking lessons, websites, podcasts, and books. Its super easy to make one!

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