Wednesday, June 25, 2008

English Class

English Class. How do we make it Remarkable? How do we create an incredible English Class?

I'm asking myself that question everyday now, because we are starting a San Francisco Effortless Language Club-- An English conversation club.

But not only English. We'll also teach Japanese. Hopefully, we'll soon add Spanish and maybe other languages too.

But I don't want a normal English Class. Most English classes are boring and ineffective. Ours will be effective. I already know that because I'll be using the same Effortless English method I use in my mp3 English Lessons.

But I think that a great teaching method is only part of being remarkable. A truly great class needs more.

To be great, an English class needs to support students' emotions. It needs to inspire them, motivate them, energize them, and entertain them.

A great English class must also be a true community-- a place of friendship, where meaningful connections are made between learners, and between teachers and learners.

A great English class must be a beautiful place. The room must be decorated beautifully-- in a way that instantly and automatically makes learners feel both relaxed and alert.

Of course, all of this will evolve. We're starting small... with a tiny office space and a couple of students.

But our goal is big, and its absolutely not modest: Our goal is to have the Greatest English Class in the world!

PS: A great side-benefit of the SF Effortless English Class is that we'll have more mp3 English lessons. I will record myself teaching every class... and every few months we'll sell the new collection of lessons!

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