Thursday, June 19, 2008

The New English Speaking Forums Are Great!

Hi everyone! I'm happy to say that our new Forums are ready and going strong.

In fact, the new Forums are very active right now. Lots of new members are joining the discussions. Its great to meet so many interesting people from so many interesting places! Very exciting :)

The new Forums have a lot of great features. Members can now create detailed profiles, with pictures, avatars, Friends lists, web links, hobbies, and anything else they want to include. Also, members can rate each other--- so we all know who the super-helpful members are ;)

Another fun thing about the new Forums is we can now create polls and votes. At the moment, for example, we are voting about where to meet in Europe this year.

Sri is organizing an Effortless English Club gathering/party in Europe this Fall. She's definitely one of our Super-Members!

We plan to meet somewhere in Europe and get to know each other face to face. I'm excited to make new friends with our European members.

And I plan to invite Chris (the partner teacher on the Flow English Lessons) and Kristin (our customer service manager.. and my partner for the upcoming Movie Lessons) and maybe Kim (who will be helping me create some Effortless Healthcare Conversations). Of course, my wife Tomoe will also be coming.

It should be a great party!

In between partying, I also hope to discuss future plans and ideas with the members. I'd like to discuss the following topics:

* How to reach more people and get more members
* What kind of new mp3 English Lessons I should create
* How to make the new Forums even better
* How to encourage more communication and more friendship between members

All of this is very exciting. The Effortless English Club is growing into a very fun, interesting, and active international community.

I hope more of you will buy our English Speaking Lessons and join us in the Club. We hope you will join our community!

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