Thursday, March 12, 2009

Learn English With a Mac

I must say that I think Macs are vastly superior to Windows computers for use learning English. We always get a lot of computer questions from members about how to use audio files, how to open files, etc.

These computer questions are ALWAYS from Windows users. The reason-- on a Mac, all of these things happen easily and automatically. English mp3 lessons go straight to iTunes and are easy to organize and use. Text guides are easily opened with TextEdit or Adobe Acrobat. And all Macs have an automatic zip file opener.

Macs are intuitive and easy to use, so I always recommend Macs for students who learn English with a computer.

Of course, Windows is still the most common operating system, and all our lessons work very well with Windows. I do recommend, however, that all Windows users download Apple's iTunes (for free at ) for Windows-- it will make organizing your mp3s very easy!

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