Friday, January 30, 2009

How To Learn English

How should you learn English? What's the best way to learn English-- especially spoken English?

Most students have no idea. So, they continue to use the methods they learned in school. But those methods were failures. Most students, in most countries in the world, study English for at least 4 years.

After 4 years, they can take tests, but they cannot speak English easily and fluently. Obviously, there's a problem.

And luckily, there is a solution. But the solution requires very different methods of study.

Learn more about these methods now and learn How To Learn English.


endar fitrianto said...

i am a beginner level from indonesia. i am so glad to know your blog

prettim said...

my name is marc i'm french i live in the south of france.
i improve my english for 2 years,and for 2 months i work my english speaking with flow english at the begining i was surprised by this method until the day where i had to speak english with a native speaker i felt more confident now i'm sure to improve better my english, i just start my lessons and i look forward to see what are my progress
thank A.G and Chris