Saturday, May 17, 2008

Success Mini-Album Coming In June

I get two big requests all the time:

* Please make Business English Lessons, and...
* Please record real conversations and make Conversation Lessons

Well, I'm working on a mini-album with a business theme. The topic of the mini-album is "Success". In these lessons, I introduce my system for financial success. I discuss how I started and created a successful business, and how you can succeed too-- in your career or in your business.

I decided to do a mini-album this time so that I could charge less-- hopefully encouraging a lot of people to try our system for the first time. If the Success Mini-Album is successful ;) I will create a full Business English album afterwards.

The Success Mini-Album of lessons will be available in June. I will email all my subscribers when it is ready.

See you next time,....

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