Saturday, May 3, 2008

New Free Report-- English Trauma

Hi everyone!

I'm finally back in San Francisco. I have been super busy since I arrived, which is why I haven't added more podcast and blog posts recently.

However, I'm finally getting caught up with work and I will be doing regular podcasts and blog posts again soon :)

In fact, today I have a special treat: a new Free Report!

This report is called "English Trauma".

The report explains the reasons why so many students feel nervous when they speak English, and why so many students feel that English is difficult, boring, and stressful.

Send this report (or a link to the download page) to your friends who feel bad about English... maybe you will help them feel better :)

Download the new Free Report (English Trauma) at:

Also, the report has both text and audio, so you can listen to it and improve your English!

I hope you enjoy it and share it with others :)

Listen To This Article at:
The Effortless English Podcast.


Tien Giang Tran said...

Haha, I must let my dad listens to this ENGLISH TRAUMA too. :)
He always says that I must learn vocabulary and remember them every day. :(

Thank you AJ. This text is very useful and helpful. By the way, the picture was nice, hihi.

Tien (0_0)

Tien Giang Tran said...

Typical daddy. He just laughed after he has read and listened the English Trauma text. He didn't admit that he was wrong the way to learn English. (-_-)

That reminds me that I had forgot to say