Monday, February 18, 2008

Slang Podcast

Hi everyone. I'm happy to say that we are getting organized at Effortless English! As many of you know, my podcast and blog have had a wide variety of topics. I have talked about my personal life, about my teaching research and theories, about our lessons, about our company, and about our travels.

For a while, I was also doing podcasts about idioms and slang. This was quite popular, but I haven't done them in a while.

Well, Chris and I have had a lot of long conversations recently, and we decided that he would do a podcast that focuses on idioms and slang. Right now, he's doing a new slang podcast every week.

He just started, but already he has one show about sports slang and one about food slang. He'll continue to do these every week.

Meanwhile, my podcast will remain the "official" podcast of Effortless English. In other words, I'll focus on our teaching methods, research, and other related topics. I'll also continue to provide lots of spontaneous English for our members-- both monologues by me and also recorded spontaneous conversations.

If you are interested in learning slang, check out Chris' new podcast at:


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Forex said...

Hi AJ,

May i ask whether the english in all your podcast is neutralise accent or are they american accent?

Sorry if i had ask a stupid question, but i really not sure.

AJ Hoge said...

Forex. There is no neutral English accent :) Everyone speaks with an accent (ie. with a certain pattern of pronunciation).

I have a very typical "standard" American/North American accent. By this I mean the standard accent you typically hear on TV from newscasters and the like (in the US). This is typically considered a midwest/western accent and is the most common in the US. The standard Canadian accent is quite close to this as well.

An interesting note- Though I'm from the south and was raised there, my parents were raised in the midwest and I acquired their accent. My sister, however, has a bit of a southern accent.

You'll find the same situation with British accents. There is a standard accent (ie. "BBC English") but many regional accents as well. I'm not so familiar with Australian or New Zealand accents, but I imagine this would be the case in those countries as well.

Its also true of Japanese-- there is the "standard" Tokyo accent... but various regions have their own accents (or even dialects). My wife, for example, has an Osaka accent.

Anyway... focus your listening on the standards accents (American, British, Aussie, Kiwi) and you'll be fine.

If, however, you plan to live in a specific region (such as the South-east United States), you might want to find some material with accents from that region.

Good luck.

Forex said...

Hi AJ,

Thank you for your time for answering my question. You have explained things very clearly.

I have been following your effortless and flow english closely, i have more confidence in speaking. You have taught a way to learn english quickly and more effectively.

Peolple who wanted to improve in spoken english should really buy your lesson, it's just fantastic.

reynaldo said...

Hi AJ,

Here I am again. But now I'm your new student (I bought the "effortless" and "flow" podcasts). Two english lessons at the same time, man!!! So I would like a bonus: the text about any film by Alan Watts (there is a lot of short films from him in "you tube" and I have everything of him). I would like to practice my pronunciation with the video... again, again and again, you know? Come one, man, just one...I'm a big fan from Alan Watts and yours too....just one bonus, please...(just a kidding but I thrust in you... hahahaha)

Congratulations, you're an amazing teacher

see ya

AJ Hoge said...


I'm also a big fan of Alan Watts. In fact, I like your suggestion... and I might do 1-2 lesson sets for one of Alan Watts podcast episodes.

I'd offer them for free to my email Newsletter subscribers. Great idea!

I'm traveling to Thailand in a couple of days-- and will be there and in Japan for about 6 weeks. But maybe I can get one Alan Watts lesson done before I go.

No promises-- but I'll try :)

PS: Subscribe to my newsletter at:

reynaldo said...


Anyway, thanks a lot...have a nice time in Thailand and Japan.

peace and love.