Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Advance English Academy

Hi everyone. As readers of my newsletter already know, a friend of mine has opened a new English school in San Francisco. Its called Advance English Academy.

The school has a central location-- downtown near Market street, near the main streetcar and bus lines. In fact, its not very far from my apartment.

Zachary is the owner and director of the new school. I worked with Zac when I was teaching here in San Francisco.

The school has several good points:

1. Its cheap. San Francisco can be an expensive place, but this school has very reasonable tuition-- only $250 a month. That's 16 hours of class per week for only $250 a month! I don't know of any other school with such affordable tuition.

2. They sponsor student visas. Zac's school will help you go through the immigration process and get into the United States (and stay here :)

3. Help with Accommodation. The school can arrange a homestay for you, or can help you find an apartment.

4. They are in San Francisco. As everyone knows, San Francisco is the best city in America ;)

If you are interested in studying English in the United States, I recommend Zac's new school. San Francisco is a great place to study and live. In my opinion, its the most interesting city in the U.S. (which is why I live here).

For more information, see the Advance English Academy website! And if you come to SF, email me-- I'd love to meet you :)

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Forex said...

Hi AJ,

That's a great new. DO they have any holiday programme, (eg summer program or anything similar) So that member may visit the school for a short term learning, maybe one to two weeks kind of stuff?

It would be interesting to check out a new place and learn English at the same time.

Would you be doing something like this in the near future?

AJ Hoge said...

Zac's school has open enrollment-- so you can join at any time and can stay any amount of time.

As for me, I'm not planning to open a school in San Francisco, but we are planning to do workshops and seminars here (1-4 days in length).

Kenan said...

Hi AJ,
Your lessons are great resource for learning and improving english, I really like them.But how about a special series of "Business English" , can we expect in the future something like that? I'm sure it would be great success.
Best regards,