Monday, March 17, 2008

Conversation With My Sister Pt. 1

In this conversation, my sister and I talk about the Super Bowl (the American Football Championship game). At the end we talk about Payton Manning (a famous player) and his brother Eli (whose team won the Super Bowl).

Tiffany: Hello.

A.J.: Hey.

Tiffany: Oh, hi! What are you doing?

A.J.: Oh, not much.

Tiffany: Oh, sorry I missed you. We – funny thing is we went to see a friend of ours, bought a house out in the country. We were just going on a little drive to see it. Well, the roads you’re on are all windy back there, and we got lost and ended up down in Brown County.

A.J.: Oh, no!

Tiffany: So that’s why we weren’t home till late.

A.J.: Oh, no – you got lost, huh?

Tiffany: Yeah, so at least little Missy got a nice nap out of it, so.

A.J.: Oh, that’s good. So she did okay in the car?

Tiffany: Oh, yeah; oh, yeah. So how are you doing?

A.J.: I’m fine. Yep, doing fine. How’s is it – what’d you think of the game?

Tiffany: Oh, man! I couldn’t believe it. I never in a million trillion years thought the Giants would beat them.

A.J.: No, I didn’t think –

Tiffany: Nope.

A.J.: I didn’t think the Patriots would lose either. I was pretty – pretty shocked.

Tiffany: I wonder what happened? I mean, they have been on a roll.

A.J.: Yeah, and they looked pretty flat, you know?

Tiffany: Yeah, they did.

A.J.: I have no idea what happened. It’s – huh.

Tiffany: Really weird. I bet those Dolphins are celebrating once again.

A.J.: Yeah, really.

Tiffany: Because I thought for sure they would win. Well, everybody did.

A.J.: Yeah, I know, I know. I don’t know if they just got, you know, complacent, you know?

Tiffany: That’s what I’m wondering, if they got kind of cocky like, “Oh, this isn’t gonna be a big deal,” and the Giants were really hungry for it, and –

A.J.: Yeah, yeah. I guess so. I don’t know. It was interesting, though, so yep, the Dolphins are still the only team ever to have a perfect season including the Superbowl.

Tiffany: Are they – so no one before them has even done it?

A.J.: No. Now, I don’t know about like pre-Superbowl times, you know – they –

Tiffany: Oh, okay.

A.J.: When they used to have just like some sort of a championship, but at least in the modern time, since they started the Superbowl, the Dolphins are the only team to have a perfect season including, you know, winning the Superbowl.

Tiffany: That’s pretty amazing. Well, and the thing is to be so close.

A.J.: Oh, and it’s heart-breaking!

Tiffany: To it; I mean, you know it’s gonna be almost impossible to do that again.

A.J.: I know; to make it all the way to the Superbowl without losing, and then to lose the last game. Oh, my God!

Tiffany: Yeah. I mean, those guys just – because you know they wanted that record.

A.J.: Oh, yeah!

Tiffany: They’d been playing all their starters all the time.

A.J.: That’s gotta be crushing.

Tiffany: Oh, yeah!

A.J.: I wonder how they’ll bounce back from that next season?

Tiffany: I don’t know. It should be interesting to see.

A.J.: Yeah, yeah.

Tiffany: But –

A.J.: I’d almost rather – you know, I’d almost just rather lose one beforehand, you know.

Tiffany: Oh, I know, than to make it all that way and then to lose. That seems almost crueler.

A.J.: I think sometimes, you know, at least you always hear in the interviews that, you know, teams that maybe lose one game or something, that it sort of toughens them up a little bit, you know? And so it’s sort of like it’s a reality check, and they’ve gotta – so maybe, you know, that’s what happened. They just never got that –

Tiffany: Uh huh.

A.J.: And maybe it was too hard to start believing all the hype that they were so incredible.

Tiffany: Right, and I’m wondering –

A.J.: So now, you guys’ little bro – I mean, Payton’s brother has got a ring.

Tiffany: I know – good for him! Poor guy, they crucified him for – he had so much to live up to.

A.J.: Yeah, well, he’s in New York, you know. I think it’s a lot rougher than Indiana to be a –

Tiffany: They’re pretty rough there.

A.J.: You know, a sports star there.

Tiffany: Are you there?

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myo said...

Hello Sir A J ,

Thank you very much for your English Convesation Course from Internet. Now, I am trying to practice english conversation according to your advice.

Yours Sincerely

Myo Win

asher said...

Hi AJ,
This is my third week with you, and I enjoy very much...
I wanted to ask you about your 7th rule: it is important for me to understand whether to repeat or not to repeat after listening.
I listened to the mini-sroty and at the and of them, you suggest us to listen and repeat after every single phrase.

AJ Hoge said...

Hi. Regarding repeating-- only do it if you understand everything very easily and you want to focus on pronunciation. Repeating and copying me is ONLY a pronunciation practice and is not necessary.

Otherwise, just answer every question with a very short (1-2 word) answer :)

hoang viet said...

Hi A J,
I am a Vietnamese.I have been looking for a website to study ENglish for a long time.NOw, i am very happy when i found out this website.Besides, i think it will be very useful for me to improve my English Listening and speaking skill which i am very bad and hope to improve.
Thank you for you creation.

Fasih Bahasa Inggris Club said...

Hi Hoang,

I'm a member of Effortless English as well. We are so lucky to get lessons from AJ. It's fantastic lessons!

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Good luck in learning English 2008 !

hoang viet said...

HI, Fasih, nice to meet you.I will be very happy if i can take involve in the community of the learner effortless English club.BUt, i am a newcomer, therefore, i don't know how to add you or another friend in my friend list of my blog.

Fasih Bahasa Inggris Club said...

Hi Hoang,

Just call me Sri, please :).

No worries about it. I'm a new learner of Effortless ENglish as well.

I saw your blog earlier. You might need contenning your blog first. Here is my URL adrres:

If you click my blog you can see that i've already put your blod into my list bloggers community of Effortless English :).

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You can do the same thing as i do :), if you want to introduce AJ's method into your languange.

Ooopss --- maybe we need permisson to AJ first ;).

-- Sri --

hoang viet said...

HI, Sri
This is a good idea as you introduce AJ's method to your friend.BUt i still need the time to check my self first because now, most of my friend is better at English than me.( most of them achieve 6->7 point for Ielts exam when i achieved just 5 point).

Fasih Bahasa Inggris Club said...

You know what Hoang, your English is good and will be much better if you keep continuing listen of the AJ's lesson.

And you know what's again? i never get point in all any English tests entire my life. AJ's lesson is the first English lesson i have ever studied, in fact listening :).

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-- Sri --

hoang viet said...

hello everyone,
I am trying to improve my listening and speaking skill. I hope to find out a free website which there are English film with English subtitles in. If anyone know, please introduce that website to me.
Thanks very much.
HOang Viet.

AJ Hoge said...

Hi. I love your idea Sri... and you definitely DON'T need my permission to create a blogging community :) Go for it!

And Hoang Viet, your English is fine and there's no need to worry :) Just enjoy listening and speaking (and reading and writing)... focus on enjoyment and communication and you will automatically improve.

Take care