Monday, November 5, 2007

Disappointing First Day

I was very excited to start Spanish classes today. Why?

Because the school in Xela said they used TPR-Storytelling to teach Spanish. As you know, my Listen & Answer Lessons use the TPR-Storytelling technique. This technique is the most powerful, the most effective, and the most efficient language teaching method I know. It is awesome!

Like many English learners, in the past I suffered through terrible Spanish lessons. In school, we rarely listened. We never read anything natural or interesting. In my High School Spanish class, we only studied grammar rules and memorized vocabulary. And so, I never learned to speak Spanish.

Last year, I started studying Spanish by myself. Unfortunately, I haven't studied much. In fact, I haven't studied at all during the last 6 months.

When I did study, I just listened to interesting articles and read interesting mini-novellas. It helped. I learned more from doing this than from one full year of Spanish classes.

But what I've always dreamed of is to learn Spanish with my own Effortless English methods... especially Listen & Answer Lessons.

So... I came to class today full of excitement! Finally, I was going to learn with a great method!

But I was disappointed. While the school claims to use "TPR-Storytelling", in fact they do not understand the method. They also don't use it very much. So what did we do in class today-- we reviewed conjugations of past tense verbs! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Back to High School.

So I guess I'm not going to get much help with Spanish-- I'll just have to continue learning on my own. If I ever do become fluent, maybe I will create my own
Effortless Spanish" lessons-- to help others avoid the frustration I have experienced.

Meanwhile, I am even more committed to helping English students learn with the best methods possible at Effortless English!

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makelele91 said...
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Rookie said...

que mala suerte my friend, so will you come back, right ?
Hey, I (we) miss your english learning philosophy podcasts, they are a great motivation for me(us) to keep learning and improving my(our) english skills.

One last thing, Spanish is so easy ;) but I think we have more words than U (many spanish-language countries), maybe that makes it complicated for U all.

One difference that I noticed between english and spanish, it's U use polite phrases, but we don't. U talk about casual/formal english, but we gotta pronounce very well our words in any situation to be understood by others, because sometimes we drop some letters and we could be considered without studies, this is so different than your short pronunciation.

Some Spanish tips:
In Spain, they talk a so bad Spanish )maybe they have a problem with their tongue, who knows?), never go to Spain to learn spanish.
I think that Bolivia and Peru both are considered countries where people speak and pronounce very well Spanish, they don't drop "s" letter at the end of the words.
Argentina has its own pronunciation rules depending on its cities. Now, in Chile, we talk so bad, we use chilensis language, practically we kill Spanish language ;)

So, no te rindas para aprender español (dependiendo en qué país lo harás). Si nosotros podemos con el inglés, tú puedes con nuestro español.